Imagine setting yourself free from the depths of anxiety and depression.

Imagine escaping from the cycle of unhealthy habits that seem to control you.

Imagine shifting from feeling empty and broken, to whole and complete.

Imagine a life without stress & overwhelm drowning you. 

Now you can.

Hello, I’m Belinda Bennetts, therapeutic writing facilitator, coach, therapist, author, mother and lover of life.

I help others find their way home within so that they can live effortlessly and authentically from a place of inner peace and joy. 


I live a wonderful and inspiring life. I work with clients all over the world, write books, and travel with my beautiful daughter. I feel blessed to have the life I have, and nothing inspires me more than helping others experience their life in such a way.

I was born in Zimbabwe, and grew up on a beautiful farm and pony stud. When I was 22 I moved to New Zealand where I lived for 13 years. Now I reside in Northern Ireland, the land of my forebears.

I believe that we are here to have fun, to laugh, to love and express our true self confidently.

But it wasn’t always that way.


From the age of about six to twenty three I suffered from depression, anxiety, and low self confidence. I tried to escape the pain of my inner world with eating disorders and alcohol abuse.

Eventually it became so unbearable I tried to end my life.

From twenty three to thirty five I patched my life up as best I could. I worked with counsellors and life coaches. I read as many self help books as I could. To the outside world I looked like I had it all together, but inside I felt lost, empty, and disconnected from my true self.

I believed life happened ‘to me’ and that my external world had the power to affect my sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

At 35 I reached a point where I where I couldn’t go on as I had been. Something had to give. It was from that point I was guided by something within to write my story. Writing was something I had always done, but not a deep level.

In September 2015 I began to write my memoir. I had no intention of publishing it, in fact I didn’t even know it was a memoir then – it was simply me, pouring my heart and soul onto a page. One page became many, and by December 2015 I had written a book. But something else had happened – through the writing I had had undergone a profound inner transformation that literally changed how I saw myself and the world around me.

I knew I had to share my story, and so in January 2016 I published Fear to Love – An Inner Journey Home.


I came to see that my experience is created from within moment to moment.

I saw that I was not broken in any way, that I didn’t need fixing. I saw that all that I had was some heavy thinking, negative thinking, that was the actual cause of my feelings of emptiness and not being enough. This understanding allowed me to not take the thinking so seriously and make way for the wisdom that lay beneath it to come through.

This simple understanding turned my life around – and it applies to every one of us Every one of us is whole, complete and perfect. The only reason we don’t feel it or believe it is because we have got caught up in heavy thinking.

I now steer others towards this understanding within themselves.

I infuse a range of skills including therapeutic writing facilitation, Holistic life coaching, and Bowen Therapy.



I can hold a plank position  for 12 minutes – the only record I held when I did cross-fit!


I am nuts about horses. My mum had me riding before I could walk. As a kid I used to sleep in my jodhpurs so I could rush to the stables to ride before school.


My favourite wild animal is a Giraffe.


A pet hate of mine is dirty fingernails.


Never get between me and my chocolate..!!!

‘Fear to Love — An Inner Journey Home,’
is a warm, truthful and emotional account of one woman’s voyage back to life and living.

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