This year I have started growing my own wheatgrass, and I wanted to share a bit about it as its not only a fantastically healthy addition to ones diet, but also incredibly easy to grow and harvest! In the past I bought the powder, which was easier, but often pricey. Growing fresh is fun, a great activity to do with kids, and it’s ready to harvest in under two weeks!

First of all, some of the many benefits (taken from research articles found online)

Lose Weight – Wheatgrass contains selenium, which is essential for healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, one of your body’s natural weight management tools.

Reduce Food Cravings – Wheatgrass is packed with many nutrients, thus helps to compensate for a lack of vitamins and minerals that could see your body craving foods to compensate for. Some common deficiencies — such as magnesium, iron, and omega-3s — can make you snack as your body searches for a source of these much-needed minerals.

Detox Your Cells – Wheatgrass is highly alkaline,  so perfect for detoxing

Improve Immunity – One of the top documented benefits of wheatgrass is its ability to increase red blood cells in the body, making it an excellent immunity booster.

Stimulate Circulation –Wheatgrass has the ability to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, making it a great way to stimulate circulation.

Improve Digestion – Can help to relieve heartburn or indigestion, introduce wheatgrass into your daily regimen.

Treat Arthritis – Chlorophyll is thought to fight inflammation, which is associated with joint pain and may be the reason wheatgrass is so helpful in these cases.

Reduce Fatigue –  The chlorophyll in wheatgrass helps to increase oxygen supply in your body’s cells and tissues, contributing to cell regeneration, which heals the body and reduces fatigue symptoms.

Chlorophyll is also naturally regenerative for the adrenal glands, according to Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D, D.Sc. Boosting the adrenal system is crucial for sufferers of chronic fatigue

Prevent Tooth Decay – Wheatgrass has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can increase mouth health and reduce the risk of cavities and gum inflammation when drunk.

Cleanse the Liver – Wheatgrass is probably best known for its effects on the liver.

Stabilize Lipid Levels – Wheatgrass improves lipid levels, which means it’s a great tool for managing high cholesterol. 

Clear Sinus Congestion – As wheatgrass supports immunity and reduces inflammation, it can also be an excellent tool for reducing congestion.

Prevent Cancer – Wheatgrass’s anti-cancer benefits stem from its blood oxygenating ability; cancer thrives in a low-oxygen environment, so wheatgrass may contribute to cancer prevention in this way.

Fight the Common Cold – Steer clear of colds with wheatgrass supplements to boost immunity and make sure your body is getting all the vitamins it needs.

Improve the Mood – Wheatgrass can improve your mood in a variety of ways. It can boost the adrenal system thanks to its vitamin K and magnesium content, helping your body to better deal with stress. It’s also rich in iron. A deficiency in iron can cause fatigue, which lowers mood.

Combat Bowel Inflammation – In addition to wheatgrass’ general anti-inflammatory qualities, it has been proven to fight inflammation in the bowel linked to several diseases including Crohn’s and IBS.

Slow Aging – The amino acid chains and antioxidants in wheatgrass can help repair damaged DNA and reduce the effect of free radicals, which harm these essential elements of our cells.

Feed Your Brain – Our brains use 25% of the body’s oxygen supply. Because wheatgrass fuels the body with oxygen it is, literally, brain food!


Simply purchase organic wheatgrass seeds. (I buy mine online) Soak in a bowl of water until the seeds grow little white ‘tails’ (this means they are sprouting) which usually takes 3 days. Change the water each day to ensure its fresh. 

Plant in a shallow tray of earth and cover lightly with potting mix or earth. Keep the earth moist, not too wet. Do not grow in direct sunlight. The seeds will grow in a few days, and are usually ready to harvest in 10-14 days. Simply cut with scissors!


Mix the wheatgrass with filtered water (I use two and a half cups of water to a cup of wheatgrass) and blend in a blender. Strain through cheesecloth. Pour the juice into ice trays, pop the trays into sealable plastic bags and freeze. 

Take out a couple of blocks in the evening and defrost overnight in the fridge. In the morning, either drink neat, or add to a smoothie for a energy boosting, nutritionally packed start to your day! It doesn’t taste bad, in case your wondering!

I find it literally tastes like grass. But add to a smoothie to avoid the taste if you don’t like it.