The message in a rose

A single rose has bloomed in my garden. Each delicate petal is perfectly formed – pale pink, soft as velvet. One by one and ever so slowly, these petals will open until the rose reveals itself to the world in all it’s beauty.  This rose reminds me of the... read more

Stepping up

One of the most crippling fears in life is stepping out of the old and into the new. Faced with the choice many will choose to stay in familiar territory because it feels safe and has become part of their identity. As humans we are very invested in our identities and... read more

Virtual black velvet

As I begin to write this post I find myself thinking of the man in the iron mask, who was imprisoned for thirty four years, and whose identity was never known as he always wore a mask of black velvet. Historians have debated his identity for years, and various... read more

Is it ever personal?

There is a beautiful stillness outside as I sit to write this post, a jumbled collection of musings which started to come together last night as I sat working on course content. Is it ever personal? I was working on a section entitled ‘the fictional self’ which looks... read more

Children and feelings – Part three

The power of connection A while ago I posted a couple of posts about helping children deal with intense feelings. Today I felt inspired to add to them with a part three. As usual, my inspiration came from observing my daughter who is now almost 5 years old. I noticed... read more

Benefits of Wheatgrass

This year I have started growing my own wheatgrass, and I wanted to share a bit about it as its not only a fantastically healthy addition to ones diet, but also incredibly easy to grow and harvest! In the past I bought the powder, which was easier, but often pricey.... read more

Detoxing with Bowen Therapy

Spring is here, the season of cleansing, detoxing, outdoor activities and the shedding of winter sluggishness. We want to open the windows, air our homes, and transition to lighter, cooler foods.  In winter we naturally eat more root vegetables. Soups and stews are... read more

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