Life by design

As the year draws to a close, I find myself preparing for 2017. I love creating a vision board, and covering it with pictures, words, and other bits and pieces, that symbolise what I intend for the New Year. As I was working on my board last weekend I kept thinking... read more

Poems about Zimbabwe

This post is where I keep poems about my home country that inspire me – I hope you like them too! Zimbabwe Betrayed All the world leaders stood with pride, On that day that Rhodesia died. They congratulated themselves on a job well done, As Zimbabwe was born... read more

Your precious life

I have been mulling over this post for some time now and this morning the message became clear. A few years ago the brother of a good friend of mine took his own life. He was young, newly married, and the world was his oyster. On the anniversary of his death, a couple... read more

Stored emotions

I felt inspired to write this post today, as I have been releasing a lot of ‘old stuff’ over the last month. Something I have really come to know is that if we don’t acknowledge and release our feelings and emotions, they get buried within us. Most of us know this,... read more

Thought – an object in consciouness

This morning I did a short guided meditation by Eckhart Tolle – it has been a long time since I have meditated. As I followed his soothing voice, and allowed myself to slip into that space, beneath my thoughts and beneath the objects of consciousness, I realised... read more

The simplicity of life

I have just started reading a book called Butterfly Burning by Yvonne Vera. It is a novel set in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in the 1940’s and tells the story of a woman’s life in an African township. As I lay in bed reading the beautifully poetic writing a few lines really... read more

Learning a New Way of Living

I was recently interviewed by Dr. David Susman as part of his ‘Stories of Hope’ series. The biggest reason I wanted to share my story here is because I wanted to say to anyone struggling with mental illness and or addiction, don’t ever give up on yourself.... read more

Edmond Squirrel of Glencairn Way

Edmond poked his head up over the weeds that were growing rampantly by the fence. He was only a wee squirrel, and the weeds were mighty big in comparison to his shortness. They were back – the odd people. Well the little girl was OK, but her mother was... read more

Pen Poised, Waiting

I open my journal to a crisp blank page. White, untouched, inviting me in. I begin to write, unsure of what will emerge. I look out of the window to the woods that lie beyond, there is slight movement in the trees. A bird? A squirrel? As I shift my focus from head to... read more

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