Interview for ‘Never Ever Give Up Hope’

Recently I was interviewed by Carol Graham for her inspirational show ‘Never Ever Give Up Hope’

In the interview I talk about my journey through anorexia, depression, and alcohol abuse and how writing helped me to discover there was a whole and complete ‘me’ underneath the thinking that told me there was not. I hope it will help and inspire others who may be going through similar journeys X

To listen click HERE go to the bottom of the page, and click the green arrow under the book link. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂


Learning a New Way of Living

Learning a New Way of Living

I was recently interviewed by Dr. David Susman as part of his ‘Stories of Hope’ series. The biggest reason I wanted to share my story here is because I wanted to say to anyone struggling with mental illness and or addiction, don’t ever give up on yourself. I think, well certainly for me, one of the hardest things was actually loving myself and standing by myself though the process. So much of the time I loathed myself. I felt I didn’t deserve happiness and that I was a burden on my family and friends. The truth is that every one of us is a precious, unique and incredible being.

I think there is a huge stigma around mental illness, and so many people who are struggling can feel they are somehow not worthy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I would also like to say, be open to the fact that underneath it all there is a part of you that is whole, complete and unbroken. I know only too well how difficult it can be to see a reality other than the one we are in when struggling with mental illness. But if I could do one thing, it would be to allow others to see the ray of light within themselves and know that recovery is possible.

In celebration of women writers

In celebration of women writers

Women writers from Women writers Northern Irelandall over Northern Ireland took part in Women Aloud NI on Tuesday the 8th of March 2016.There was a flurry of activity as 130 writers read from their work. Fun was had, hearts were touched, and friendships were formed. It was powerful, it was talent filled and connections were made that will have lasting impact.

Having the opportunity to be a part of this was an honor. I read from my first book, Fear to Love – An Inner Journey Home. I took part in two events, one in Easons, Belfast City Centre, and the other in No Alibis Bookstore on Botanic Ave. I have a photo of the Easons event, but I won’t share it here as my ears were pinned back by a headset that saw me jump as it echoed my voice round the room. One must have a sense of vanity in such situations. 


When I wrote this book I didn’t think I’d publish it, and I certainly didn’t thiBelinda's First book signing 6nk I would read from it in public! However the supportive atmosphere saw me thoroughly enjoy the experience. To my absolute delight No Alibis agreed to stock some copies of it, and on a spontaneous trip to have a nosy a few days later later I found myself signing the copies, and as I did so, realising they were next to William Butler Yeats and Virginia Woolf. I imagined them turning in their graves, and hurriedly completed the task at hand. However I couldn’t resist a smile, after all, these experiences don’t happen every day!

Thoroughly inspired by it all I continue to write, after all, when one’s lifelong dream has become a reality what choice does one have but to continue?  

Interview with Clesia Mendes for Womanhood from the Inside-Out

Interview with Clesia Mendes for Womanhood from the Inside-Out

On the 10th of March 2016 I was interviewed by Clesia Mendes for her inspiring ‘Womanhood from the Inside-Out’ series. Here I talk about how my life was impacted by the 3 Principles, an understanding that were first articulated by Sydney Banks in the early 1970’s. 


Here I share how I came across them and how my life has changed because of this. I talk about parenting, self-perception, and my message to others who are struggling with mental illness.