Create a more balanced, fulfilled and enriching life

Adopting a holistic approach to life means focusing on your mind, body and spirit as a whole. Holistic Coaching provides the tools required to create a more balanced and fulfilling life on every level.

Whether you are struggling with:

* Mental and emotional issues

* Lack of energy

* Lack of direction in life, feeling unfulfilled

* Weight issues

* Wanting to create a better work/life balance

I will help you create a holistic plan so you can live life to the full.

I work with individuals who wish to achieve more flow and balance in their life. Together we will explore your unique attributes, experiences, and personal requirements, and I will guide, motivate and inspire positive life changes.

Holistic coaching allows for deeper exploration and understanding of the inner interferences that create blocks in our lives, be it negative thinking patterns, the affect of past trauma, stress, anxiety or other. 

Every single one of us creates layers of perceptions that become the filters through which we live our life. By shining a light within and beginning a process of self inquiry, we are able to move beyond the veils that keep us stuck in our fears and false beliefs. 

Holistic life coaching is all about me helping to guide you, so that you can life your life to the full, with more joy, abundance, and peace.

Holistic package information is below. Click HERE for therapy


Belinda helped grow my business through her coaching strategies. She is a great listener and very attentive to my needs in gaining direction on how to wade through the distractions and focus in on what is important. Her insight is must-needed for business and individual coaching needs. Thank you,Belinda!



This is the signature Holistic coaching package. If you are ready to release all that no longer serves you, step into your power and live with confidence and clarity, this is for you.

The package includes a 90 minute initial session, where we really get clear on what it is you want to let go of, and what you want to allow in its place. We get clear on how you want to feel in your life.

What do you want to create? Be? Experience? Change?

We will then meet every two weeks for a 60 minute session. Email support throughout the six months. Sessions are available in person at Maitri Studio Belfast, or via Skype

One thing I want you to know from the start is that you won’t have to ‘do’ anything. I will not be giving you tools and techniques. We will rather be stripping stuff away so you are more free to be who you really are.

PRICE: £600


This package is for people who want to work through a specific block that is keeping them stuck. For example inability to set goals, abundance blocks.

This package includes a 90 minute initial session where we will get specific about what it is that is holding you back from shining.

We will then meet every two weeks for a 60 minute session. Email support throughout the three months. Sessions are either in person at Maitri Studio Belfast or via Skype.

PRICE: £350


Single sessions are available at a rate of £70 per session. Available at Maitri Studio Belfast, or via Skype


I am passionate about helping children. Children are our future. They are also like sponges, often picking up on emotional baggage that is not even theirs.

I work with children and their parents one on one to help with issues such as anger, depression, anxiety, separation of parents, bullying, low self esteem, unhealthy body image.

I only work with people who are committed to themselves enough to give 100% to their growth and development. My passion is guiding you, but this does require that you are present throughout the process and open to change.

Because of this I like to have an exploration call so that both of us can see if the package is for you. Please email me on belinda@belindabennetts.co.uk or call 075 18166196 

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