“Everyone is born with psychic abilities. It’s just a matter of knowing how to tap into it”  Julien Offray de La Mettrie


Automatic writing, also known as psychography, is a psychic ability that involves writing words in a trance like state that originate from a place outside conscious awareness.

Belinda began automatic writing in her teenage years, though it was many years before she understood what it was she was doing. 

It is now a regular part of her writing practice, and something she is passionate about teaching to others. Belinda facilitates a four week automatic writing program for those wishing to learn how to develop this technique in their own life.   

Are you feeling drawn to automatic writing? Have you started to practice, but are unsure how to develop your skill? Is there a voice inside saying ‘write?’


The Benefits of Automatic writing:

  • Gain direct guidance from your Soul/Higher Self
  • Have more clarity in your daily life
  • Sharpen, develop and hone your intuitive abilities
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides
  • Improved ability to trust your instincts and intuition
  • It is also an incredibly therapeutic practice and increases a sense of inner calm.

I am a Reiki healer so I had a bit of grasp on people’s energies and I could sense Belinda’s energy from her posts was really genuine and helping. 

My classes experience- I had 4 sessions with Belinda and trust me I was someone who had zero confidence in self and my skills and had doubts if I could ever be able to learn auto writing.

With each session I felt closer to self and could very evidently see that all the methods Belinda taught me were resonating with my writing style on all levels! I and Belinda both saw my graph going upwards and I was able to channel a lot of messages intended for self with the help of Belinda’s methods.


I must say – she is very helping, pure hearted and utterly connected to her students . She treated me with so much care and she cared for my issues like hers and not only guided me on how to go about my writings but also played a major role in making me understand my blocks and how to get rid of them. She went out of her way to guide me and was very flexible in her sessions as to how I wanted them. I will be forever grateful to Belinda and Universe for making me cross my path with her and for introducing me to this marvellous process of automatic writing! Thank you Belinda! Loads of love and light to you.

Shweta Mougil


Belinda offers a 4-week program to support you in developing your automatic writing. Because it is such an individual process, the four sessions are never the same for each person, and are created to support your  individual process. However, the general structure is as follows:



What is automatic writing? We explore what it is and how to get started. We also explore what form it is taking for you, for example channeling messages for others, connecting to higher self or Spirit guides.

Belinda goes over the importance of grounding, and clearing one’s energy field after writing.





This week we explore the two foundational writing techniques used. We also explore the use of crystals and the importance of chakra balancing. 


This week is structured around working through blockages in thoughts and energy. Many clients find that blockages which affect their writing are themes through other contexts of their lives. Much of this session is around intuitive coaching. 


In this, the final week, we explore growing connection and awareness. We reflect on your development to date, and put together a summary of the tools and resources that have worked best for you, and will support you as you continue to develop your technique.  


The investment for this 4 – week program is £195.

This includes:

  • 4 one to one sessions via zoom
  • 1 MP3 grounding meditation for use before writing
  • Email support throughout the program

 For more information or to book the program, please complete the contact form.

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