Calm your mind

with this easy to follow 4-week online course


Do you find yourself stuck in obsessive thinking and worry?


Struggling with bouts of anxiety?


Feeling exhausted all the time?


Constantly planning and trying to stay in control?


Are you struggling to sleep well?


Discover how to calm your mind and move into a space of inner-peace

Course overview


The course includes: 

  • 4 weeks access to online materials
  • Online videos
  • Guided visualisations
  • Mindfulness techniques

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This course brought what I’ve read about meditation and positive thinking to the next level – it provided me with real tools to implement the ideas in the real world. I think Belinda’s course is a unique and effective method of combining meditation and journaling. I’ve started really noticing my thoughts and thinking patterns and I was able to stop or redirect the not so helpful thoughts. There was one case when I’ve prevented a potential conflict because I just ‘sat with my thoughts.’ Thanks to the course I’ve learnt to take away any pressure when it comes to meditation and rather approach it from the position of kindness and curiosity. I love Belinda’s non-judgmental approach. My work involves researching difficult topics (mass scale atrocities) and sometimes it feels very challenging to step away from it. I also work alone as a researcher, so I often play the same thoughts in my head over and over again. The course is different from the forcefully positive and results-oriented literature on positive thinking, and even my therapist started noticing positive changes in my mood (which were also reflected in the way I scored based on the mental health evaluation). Combined with therapy, yoga, and healthy eating, I was able to overcome acute anxiety and come back to the normal self (anxiety still returns from time to time but I am less afraid of it). I now meditate daily for 15 minutes and keep a very short 5-minute journal. I cannot recommend the course enough!                             

Being stuck in over-thinking is exhausting, it leads to unpleasant feelings in the body, which leads to more over-thinking, and we become stuck in a looping system. We get stuck in the space where we become obsessed with organizing and controlling our experience, and in doing this, become disconnected from ourselves and our life.

In this 4-week online course, discover how to calm your mind and move into a space of  inner-peace. Discover how to become the observer of your thoughts, without having your thoughts control you. Learn how to move beneath the endless inner chatter into the space where you feel comfortable to trust yourself and the life that is arising in each moment.

Each week you have a combination of
  • Daily video teachings covering overthinking, anxiety and stress, and how to let patterns of over-thinking become a portal to increased self-awareness and inner peace, through realizing who we are beneath our thinking.
  • Guided In-depth Journal Method exercises
  • Guided meditations and visualisations
  • Mindfulness techniques

This course only takes 15 minutes a day.


We can all find 15 minutes, right?

By the end of the course you will have discovered how to become the observer of your thoughts, how to move beneath the constant inner chatter and how to be in a space of calm and inner peace. You will also have a resource of exercises and techniques to use.


No prior writing experience is required.

Belinda has a brilliant way of getting you into the right frame of mind for writing. Her relaxation and visualisation exercises allow you to access your thoughts quickly and easily.