Meet Belinda

“My wish is that my work supports reconnection with true self and sees individual’s step into more conscious living” Belinda


Belinda is a spiritual teacher, intuitive healer, therapeutic writing facilitator, author and artist. Her lifework is to use her experience and gifts to facilitate awakening and growth in others. She is a woman on a mission, whose heart is driven by a deep desire to make a difference in a world she feels is in desperate need of more genuine connection, love and heartfelt care.


Belinda was born in Zimbabwe and grew up on a beautiful dairy farm and welsh pony stud. From as early as she can remember she was spiritually aware and incredibly sensitive to energy and vibrations. She could sense other’s feelings, and this led to her often experiencing overwhelm and exhaustion she did not understand. She felt very different to everyone else and desperately wanted to fit in. The only place she felt truly at home was alone in the African bush with her pony, where she felt a deep connection to nature and herself. It was in this space she felt her spiritual connection to life and a higher power.

At 13 she lost her father to cancer and the trauma which followed saw her turn away from her source of inner strength and take a rocky path that led her through nearly a decade of struggling with mental illness and addiction. At 23 she tried to end her life – but some-how she survived. Lying on the hospital bed, she knew she had survived for a reason.  What has followed has been a path dedicated to finding herself and healing. Her commitment to personal growth and willingness to face the pain true self inquiry can uncover has seen her reconnect with the spiritual connection she tried to run away from and develop her gifts as an energy intuitive and empath. She now uses her wisdom and intuition to help others through her one on one sessions, therapeutic writing facilitation, speaking, writing and art. For more about her story see the link to her memoir Fear to Love – Inner Journey Home below

Her philosophy is that there is nothing you need to be taught, you simply need to look within and rediscover your true nature


As Belinda found healing within herself, she felt increasingly drawn to learn holistic healing modalities. She has trained in and continues to learn many holistic healing modalities such as bowen therapy, cranio sacral therapy, crystal healing, shamanism and sound healing. These modalities; combined with her intuition, allow her to help clients on a holistic level.

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED – as within, so without.

For the first four years of her life Belinda had a full-time nanny and spent a lot of time around the Shona people, on her nanny’s back, by a small fire with other members of the village. Whilst she has few memories of this, she has in subsequent years studied the Shona philosophy known as HUNHU, meaning ‘I am because we are.’ As Belinda reconnected with her spiritual awareness and intuition, she found herself drawn more and more to this philosophy.

She believes we are all much more connected than we realise, and that individuals who have the courage to go within and truly own, heal and love all that they are, heal others in the process.

Her work aims to bring self-realization, inner balance and empowered living. Her vision is to see individuals awaken so that together we can create a better world, a world we want to live in and want our children to grow up in.


Belinda is the author of ‘Fear to Love – An Inner Journey Home,’ a memoir which tells of her journey to rediscovering her inner self, her guiding light, her knowing, and her unshakable belief that only through self-love can you conquer fear and understand that nothing owns you – but you. If you would like to read about her journey, Fear to Love is available through Amazon by following the link.  


Belinda’s training and experience includes:

Holistic Life coaching

Therapeutic writing facilitation

Bowen Therapy (Human and equine)

Cranio sacral therapy

Corrective exercise coaching (CHEK Institute)



Sound healing 


When she is not working, Belinda loves to spend time in nature, ride horses, paint, meditate and practise shamanic drumming.

It’s the simple things that fill her heart and soul with joy. The feeling of being at one with nature – be it in a forest or barefoot on a beach. These things help her stay grounded in the truth of who she is – a free spirit with a sensitive heart that holds great love for this planet and the beings which dwell on it. 

If you would like to read more about her journey, her memoir, FEAR TO LOVE – An Inner Journey Home, is available through Amazon.