More Than a Journal

Introduction to the art of journalling

Have you been thinking about starting to journal but not sure where to begin?

Unsure of what to write or how long to write for?

About the course

This easy to follow four-week introductory online course takes you on a creative journey into the world of journaling and the many ways in which journals can help us:

Explore our thoughts and feelings
Reconnect with our creativity
Develop a deeper connection with self
Free the inner artist
Become clear on heartfelt desires
Carefully map out ideas and visions so they become tangible goals that in time can become reality.

The key is to create the right balance of free flow writing, creative exercises and daily practice.
In this course experienced facilitator Belinda Bennetts has designed just that for you.

Four weeks

Four weeks of carefully structured exercises and guided visualisations to take you on a creative journey into the joys of journaling

10 minutes

You only have to commit to 10 minutes a day!
We can all find 10 minutes, right?

For everyone

No prior writing experience is required.

Belinda has a brilliant way of getting you into the right frame of mind for writing. Her relaxation and visualisation exercises and her questioning skills allow you to access your thoughts quickly and easily.

“I really enjoyed taking part in this 4 week course. It is very well explained and layed out and Belinda goes into a lot of detail to explain things for you. It doesn’t take long each day to do but it definitely challenges you to think outside the box more as the weeks goes on. It will make you think about things you maybe hadn’t thought about before and it will challenge you to look at things differently. Ten minutes might seem like a long time and it can be but even if you build it up, you will find that the time goes so quickly. The course is so easy to navigate and I definitely would recommend doing it, no matter if you are new to writing or been on the writing journey for quite a while. Sometimes it does no harm just to go back over some basics to get you started into journaling and who knows where it will take you.”

Gillian Moore

Course cost

This easy to follow four-week online introductory course takes you on a creative journey into the world of journaling and the many ways in which journals can help us.


4 weeks access to online materials
Online videos
Guided visualisations
Private Facebook group access

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