My mind quietens as I sit by the lake and gaze across the water. Gentle ripples dance a slow and sensual dance, sunlight catching their edges and sparkling.

A pair of swans swim slowly by, necks arched. I remember the fairy tale ‘The Wild swans’ by Hans Christian Anderson that I read as a child.

Slowly I sink deeper into the stillness within, falling beyond the illusions of personal thinking which usually fills my mind.

I become aware of warmth in my heart, an expanding connection to the essence of life itself. As I surrender to the experience, I realise that all separation has evaporated. Is it, as is my thinking, simply another illusion that has had me bound for lifetimes?

Indeed, it is.

In this perfect space where I and life itself are one, there is something else. There is a presence, an invitation.

For this is the space where wisdom speaks

Answers to the questions of mankind can be heard in this space, so long as the personal mind remains silent.

All attachments fall away as I realise that everything I could possibly want is here, now. No need to grasp, chase or seek. It’s all here! It always has been; I simply did not see.

Ah, but now I do.

I see that all my worries, all my troubles exist only in my personal thinking. They are not real! This world we live in is abundant, is beautiful and yet so often I miss that as I live in my head and shut down my heart.

Oh, to remain in this space for eternity – is it possible?

I believe so. But as a human I will forever dance the dance between this spiritual world and the human experience for that is what it means to be alive.

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