Reconnect to your true self, your Heart and Intuition, through Intuitive Life coaching and Journal Therapy

When we connect to our heart and intuition, we are free to step into the greatest version of who we are. 

You are the creator of your life and only you can take it to a new level. You have everything you need within to thrive in any area. As an Intuitive Life coach and Journal Therapist I will listen with a full heart, ask questions, and bring in my intuitive abilities. As one of my favourite quotes reads:

“You‘ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”


Our time together will include hourly zoom or face to face sessions, weekly tasks, practical tools, individually created MP3 guided visualizations and journaling prompts, and so much more. We will literally build a powerful space for you to grow. It’s open, honest and intimate one-on-one coaching. 

I was feeling at my lowest and I had got myself into a negative thinking pattern and at the time I couldn’t  get myself out of it. I was searching online and thankfully I came across Belinda’s website and  it really resonated with me. I booked a call and instantly knew I wanted to work with her. I booked her 6 week programe and now I need a telescope to look back.  I have made a massive shift in my life with the help from her guidance and encouragement.  Belinda really listens intuitively and she suggested different tasks each week and custom made audios and visualizations on specific topics we discussed which I found extremely helpful. She helped me uncover things that where holding me back, that I wasn’t aware of. If you have something holding you back in life and having difficulty moving forward it is vitally important to invest in yourself , it is the best investment you will ever make. With Belinda’s guidance, encouragement and help you get there.



Belinda has developed journal therapy into The In-depth Journal Method, an expressive writing process that includes mindfulness meditation, journal therapy and dream journaling. The process is designed to help you:


The In-depth Journal method can help you connect with yourself on a deeper level, and gain clarity on the direction of your life. Connect with your values, priorities, interests and become more focused. Through uncovering the real you, you can discover your potential and lead a more enriching life


Career issues, health issues and relationship issues – this method helps you view your issues from a different perspective which allows you to break through feelings of being stuck.


This method helps you connect with your talents and interests and allows you to develop creativity in all areas of your life.


As you deepen your understanding of this method, you will have the tools that will enable you to continue your journey of self-development in your own time. This method teaches a new way to approach your life that will expand your inner resources and deepen your life journey


This method is a path to spiritual development and nurtures a deeper connection to the meaning and purpose of life.


What truly holds us back from connecting to our heart and intuition, are fears we often don’t realise we have. The in-depth journal method helps us uncover and release what holds us back

“Belinda sees clearly where the positive energy lies if you are making difficult decisions.” Angeline King


Belinda takes a holistic approach to her work and will refer clients to other practitioners for additional support if required. Belinda has a network of professionals she regularly refers to, and these professionals are available to assist Belinda’s online and in person clients.


Whether you are an adult struggling in certain areas of your life, or a teenager overwhelmed by exam stress or low self-esteem, intuitive life coaching and journal therapy can help you regain confidence, clarity and overall wellbeing

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Transform anxiety, stress overwhelm 
  • Achieving short and long term goals
  • Life purpose and vision
  • Spiritual development

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