You walk into a room and immediately pick up on the energy. People gravitate towards you, to share their problems. You need a lot of time alone, and because of your sensitivity, you sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Yet, you have a passion for business and your need for freedom draws you to the entrepreneurial world. How can you use your empath awareness to thrive as an entrepreneur? The most important thing is to understand your abilities and how they lend themselves well to the world of entrepreneurship. In this article I share ten qualities empaths possess that makes them successful. As you read them, if you resonate, I hope you feel inspired to use your qualities to grow your business and thrive in the exciting world of entrepreneurship.


As an empath, you have a natural ability to connect with others. Whether you are a solopreneur, or manage a team, your innate ability to connect is a fundamental asset to achieving success. Because you find it easy to tune into others energy, to sense emotions, you will naturally read your market well and take into consideration customer needs. Connection is an integral part of building trust, respect and understanding.


Because of your innate ability to connect to others, you also possess the ability to relate to customers and meet them where they are at. The ability to communicate from a space your customer relates to helps break down barriers and build rapport. It’s likely if you hone in on this ability, you’ll be able to truly sense what your customer needs – possibly before even they know!


Empaths have incredible listening skills, but they also have something more – the ability to hear the unspoken word. Sensing unsaid problems, things customers perhaps don’t feel comfortable sharing, opens up channels to meeting greater needs. To strengthen this, ask yourself often:

‘What do I sense my customers need that they may not be expressing?’


Empaths are creatives, and they have highly developed intuitive abilities. You just sense it in your gut. Learning to trust this will see you achieve much success in your chosen work. Sometimes, however, empaths lack trust in their intuition. If you relate to this, one to one intuitive holistic coaching will teach you how to develop your intuition and learn how to trust it more. You can find out more about this coaching here: One to One coaching


Honesty, integrity and responsibility are key to an empaths way of being. They are driven by a strong sense of right and wrong. These qualities are essential to establishing an authentic business.

Empaths also tend to be both dreamers and doers. A rare combination of practicality and vision that sees them capable of taking on huge amounts of responsibility and when done in a balanced way, enables them to build businesses that have the potential to expand exponentially.


Empath entrepreneurs are creative. They need variety and are easily bored. Where some people would stick to their comfort zone, the empath entrepreneur will step out and try new things, embrace challenges and not be afraid to change tracks. A strong connection to their intuition allows this, as they will follow their gut and trust the path.


I grew up in Zimbabwe where there is a saying, ‘make a plan.’ It means when the unexpected arises, we make a plan to tackle it and move on. I believe this saying sums up empaths. Natural problem solvers, empaths enjoy the challenge of seeking out solutions. They tend not to stagnate or be held back by the unexpected, instead, they follow their intuition and find solutions.


Care for others is a key trait of an empath in every areas of life. They will embrace their clients/co-workers talents and encourage them to reach their potential. They will always support others learning, growth and development.

People can feel this – we all know what it feels like when someone is truly supporting us.


Empaths are free spirits through and through. They refuse to be confined to a box, and will fight fiercely for independence. In the field of entrepreneurship, this fuels success and determination.


Empaths truly understand the importance of putting out positive energy, as they know it will be reciprocated. They are generous givers. At times, this can lead to fatigue as they tend to be over givers, but when balance is maintained, this natural reciprocal nature brings much positivity to their work.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and found it useful. As an empath entrepreneur myself, I have huge belief in empaths ability to be hugely successful in this field. If starting your own business is something you have been thinking about, but you are uncertain, I invite you reflect on the following:

What does thriving mean to you?

How would you feel if you were passionately following your dreams and creating a heart centred business?

As an empath, you are gifted with powerful talent – believe in yourself and reach for the stars!

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes, that I have in the middle of my vision board (every year!)

‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.’ Steve Jobs

About Belinda Bennetts:

Belinda is an intuitive holistic life coach, In depth Journal Method facilitator, Therapeutic writing facilitator and author. She works with entrepreneurs and individuals wanting to step into a more heart centred, empowered way of being. She offers one-to-one coaching in person and online, and also offers a variety of creative writing courses online. You can find out more about Belinda here: Website Or connect with her on facebook here: Facebook

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