As life starts to change again, it is only natural that we would start to reflect on the period we have been through, and what will come as we step into the new.

For many of us, whilst the last 6 months have seen dramatic external change, we have also embraced dramatic internal change, and as we step into the new once again, we are much more aware that a new way of being requires internal change. A paradigm shift, the choosing of a new path.

We make shifts continuously throughout our lives, but most of the time we are not consciously aware of what is happening inside us as we do this. Or, we decide to make a change but do so half-heartedly, beginning with good intentions then falling back into old patterns.

Why is change so difficult? Fundamentally it is because it requires us to embrace the unknown. It means we must lay ego aside and follow intuition and instinct. This requires us to be very present. It requires us to place our focus on the present, not the past or future, to trust and truly listen.

We need to ask, ‘what now?’ The answer may be ‘take a walk in nature,’ ‘call a friend,’ or ‘watch a movie.’ Whatever comes up, we need to listen to that. Then the next thing, and the next. The more comfortable we are with living this way, the more we start to let our intuition guide us.

Sometimes what we hear won’t make sense and we will argue. ‘But I need to work! I need to do this!’ It is important to recognise this and be with it, without taking it seriously.

As time passes and we become more confident in listening to our intuition, we learn to trust it.  When we fully live by our inner compass, we become more aware of how life is changing moment to moment. We experience more synchronicity and things fall into place. Answers we have been seeking arrive from unexpected places and we realize that life is a beautiful moment to moment adventure.

This process is called stepping into alignment with self and life. We are born with such incredible wisdom, but we forget. As Danna Foulds writes in her beautiful poem ‘Walk Slowly,’ we ‘charge forward without even knowing where [we] are going.’ We seek guidance and answers from outside ourselves, especially in these times of information overload.

Humanity is being asked to step into a new paradigm and this call has been echoing for a long time. At last, many are starting hear it, and traumatic and uncertain as it has been, the last 5 months have accelerated this. Through the external chaos every one of us has, in varying degrees, has been forced to acknowledge our lack of control and let go.

We have been offered the space to go within and reflect. As we now see a return of some of the familiar structures I invite you to spend some time reflecting on what the last few months have taught you – not about the world, but about yourself. Have you discovered impatience? A need to know and control? Have you discovered fear? Or have you discovered an ability to sit in the space of a question?

Then ask yourself – of all you have learnt, what aspects do you feel will be of value to you moving forwards as you move into the next stage? Write them out – I cannot over-emphasize the power of seeing thoughts and insights on the page in front of you. Let them emerge as they wish to – a poem, a letter, an emotion filled A4 page.

Next, write out the parts you wish to leave behind. Thank those parts for what they taught you, then, you may want to create a ceremony of letting go and burn the page, which is incredibly cathartic.

Once this is completed, allow yourself to sit once more in the space of a question. Allow yourself to trust. To listen, and when the time is right, take action as you step into the new.

About Belinda Bennetts:

Belinda is the founder of Belinda Bennetts – mind, body and soul alchemy. She is an intuitive coach, therapeutic writing facilitator, writer and author of Fear to Love – An Inner Journey Home. She offers one to one coaching, and several personal development through journaling and reflective writing courses.

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