When one thinks of journaling the first thing that springs to mind is a place where daily thoughts and feelings are recorded. However, journals can be so much more. They can be the place where one becomes an active participant in the uncovering and understanding of one’s very nature and where one develops the art of holding space for increased self-awareness, self-compassion and understanding.

In the art of journaling one has the space to connect with what I have termed ‘The creative heart.’ The playful part of self where creativity, dreams, goals and aspirations reside, and where thinking patterns, inner blocks and stored emotions which hold us back can be discovered, understood, and ultimately released so we can step into a more authentic, heart centered way of being.

Albert Einstein said:

The only source of knowledge is experience.’

The reason I have developed the art of journaling and teach it is because I have experienced its incredible benefits.

It was the catalyst that enabled me to heal and transform over two decades of depression, anxiety and addiction – a way of being I had come to believe was ‘who I was.’ Through the art of journaling I was able to go beneath my thinking patterns and see, truly see on the page in front of me, who I really am beneath the core beliefs, thinking patterns and habits that told me I was something else.

In essence – I changed the story I was telling myself about who I was, and as memoirist Mark Matousek said:

As you learn to tell the emotional truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed.’

One of the wonderful things about the art of journaling is that it’s self-paced. There is no rushing or forcing. However, and this is what fundamentally separates it from the daily log of thoughts and feelings, the art of journaling requires one to use specific prompts and four key journal writing techniques, those being:



Third person, and

Unsent letters.

It is also important to use guided visualisations and other key prompts such as classical music.

If the art of journaling is something you would be interested in learning, I have a one month online introductory course and you can discover more about it here: https://belindabennetts.co.uk/more-than-a-journal-online-course/

For those who prefer a more personal approach I offer one to one coaching both in person and online, and you can discover more about that here: https://belindabennetts.co.uk/personal-development-courses/

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