I have been feeling the need for a while now to write a blog about the current global challenge we are all facing and being deeply impacted by.

As an intuitive, I am feeling the collective energies very strongly, as well as my own fluctuating and at times puzzling reactions.

Whilst what I am about to write is simply drawn from my own observations and intuitive guidance, I hope that sharing may bring comfort and perhaps understanding to others.

As I sit down to compile this, there are four themes which come to mind –  Presence, Change, Fear and Awakening.


There is a huge call to become more present.

Being present can bring wonderful aspects such as really being with ourselves and our loved ones. However, like anything there is a flip side. As we are called to reduce contact and hibernate for a period, the slowing down becomes somewhat forced and as a result many of us are being confronted by feelings we might not usually feel. The reason for this is that most of us live structured lives comprised of patterns, regimes and schedules. This call to become present is removing many of our patterns and in the newfound space, unfelt feelings arise leaving us vulnerable. Whilst this can be frightening, it is a huge call to awaken and truly reflect on how we have been living our lives.

We are facing the reality of the virus and the impact of it in our world, our country, our city and our neighbourhood. But the only thing we have control over is our individual response. If the call to become present is leaving you feeling vulnerable and afraid (as it is for me) I invite you to, as much as possible, be open to allowing what you are feeling to arise and simply be.

Journal about it, meditate upon it, speak to loved ones. But do not judge what you are feeling as this will only add to the feelings of fear and vulnerability.

This brings me to the second point, that being change.


This is what we face right now in no uncertain terms. At some level I believe many of us have sensed change would come. It has been necessary for many years.

Now that our patterns are being removed, we face change on a massive level, and this can leave us feeling in shock. It is completely understandable to feel anxious now. To feel panic, fear and overwhelm.

What is needed is to ground ourselves. To breathe, to be and to remain present. We can only move through this one moment at a time.


I have noticed that the high levels of collective fear are causing some unpredictable reactions. One thing that has stood out for me is the expressions of annoyance, if not anger, directed at others who are not acting in ways we feel they should be. I have felt the need to write about this because something I have learnt in this lifetime it is this –

When we are annoyed with others, when we judge, blame and don’t like others behaviour – it’s because an aspect of our-self is being triggered.

There is nothing wrong with being annoyed at the person buying 10 packs of toilet paper – but it is important to notice your own annoyance rather than to simply focus on the others actions. It is important to remember that people act from their level of consciousness. Sometimes they act from fear, sometimes from love. What I mean by this is that we don’t know where someone else is coming from. Let their reactions be their own – there is no benefit in judging and blaming them. We are all in this together, and if we take responsibility for our own reactions and do our bit to work for the collective good – that is all that is necessary.


I mentioned awakening when I wrote about presence, and I feel it is a huge theme. Awakening, in my experience, is not often pretty. It is uncomfortable, it shakes us, and forces us to wake up. This, I feel, is what we face now. How we navigate it is by connecting deeply to our hearts. It will take a long time to transition through this period – and every single one of us is impacted by it.

We don’t know what the future holds, but what we do know is what we choose to take into each moment.

Let that be presence. Let that be love. Let that be trust that somehow, we will navigate our way, not alone, but as a collective who choose to work together and awaken into a new way of being.

This post is written from the heart and is simply a reflection of how I am making sense of this chaos.

Sending love and light

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