“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” Khalil Gibran

The Art of Reflective Writing

Mon 20th April – Mon 22nd June 2020

10.30 am to 12 pm 

Crescent Art centre,

2-4 University Road, Belfast

Write to Awaken

Thu 23rd April – Thu 25th June 2020

10.30 am to 12 pm 

Crescent Art centre,

2-4 University Road, Belfast

More Than a Journal 

An introduction to the art of journaling 

Online course


Calm the Over-thinking Mind

Release yourself from clutches of the over-thinking mind

Online course


Belinda’s therapeutic writing courses focus on writing as a path to self-discovery, creative exploration and wellbeing. They run in Belfast, Northern Ireland at various locations. They are also run in other areas of Northern Ireland and Ireland upon request. Online versions are COMING SOON!

On this page you will find the core collection of courses. Belinda also creates courses for organisations and individuals wishing to explore specific themes.

Suitable for all writing abilities, these courses are for anyone who would like to experience inner growth through writing and develop a deeper connection with self and others.

Courses can be run as stand-alone workshops as well.


“Truly a journey to awaken to the self, a journey that was a means of opening up to the inner child, bearing witness to one’s life through writing, sharing, discussion of all that we are; the negative stories we hold, tell ourselves, alongside our witnessing all that we are, our own benevolent guide and teacher that comes from that inner place of intuition, wisdom, and gut! Belinda is an excellent teacher, listener, and mentor. Her approach is respectful, gentle and encouraging. Every class was taken at a pace that paid attention to time for writing, listening, sharing and stillness. Truly a course well worth registering for if folk are looking for a creative writing class that will take you on a path to transformation.” Marie Kenny

This program takes participants on a deep journey into self-inquiry, exploring the beliefs and thinking patterns which make us who we are as individuals, and looking at creative ways to shift those aspects if they are not serving us anymore.

In a warm and welcoming space, begin to look deeply at the story you have created about who you are, and how you show up in the world. Get in touch with your inner voice through a series of writing exercises and guided visualisations and know how you can take what you have learnt and live your truth.

This course has been created for anyone who is at a junction point in their life. For example, changing careers, moving home, empty nesters, and other life changing events that we all face at times.

The course will help you rediscover your way, open to new beginnings and step into a more authentic and joyful life.


“Belinda has a brilliant way of getting you into the right frame of mind for writing. Her relaxation and visualisation exercises and her questioning skills allow you to access your thoughts quickly and easily. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and welcoming. I would thoroughly recommend that you attend her classes.” Joanna Fyffe

Designed for individuals who are struggling with stress, anxiety and low mood and are seeking a creative way to develop a more positive mindset.

In this program we explore how stress is created and how practises such as journaling and expressive writing can shift our perceptions and help us see things in new and more empowering ways.

The course involves creative writing, mindfulness practises and guided visualisations, in a warm and nurturing environment.


“The course created a space wherein I was able to explore areas of writing and thinking that I would not usually delve into and I found this both healing and liberating” Lesley

Designed for anyone wanting to experience more calm in their lives.

Writing can be a powerful mindfulness practice, helping us to integrate our active mind with the mind of meditation.

By using writing as a process of inquiry, it can help us see beyond habitual states of mind and thinking patterns as it sharpens our ability to attend to the present moment.

This program offers an introduction to writing for mindfulness, and takes participants on a journey of self-discovery, using creative writing and guided visualisations.

By deepening our understanding of ourselves we can experience increased self-confidence, clarity, and more ‘calm in the moment.’

By the end of the program participants will have a deeper understanding of them-self, increased peace of mind, and will take away tools to help them continue the path of writing for mindfulness.


In this 12-week course we will explore reflective writing not only as a path to self-inquiry and self-development, but also a path to well-being. We will explore core beliefs, values, inner awareness and more, in a warm and nurturing environment, using specific writing exercises, mindfulness techniques and guided visualisations.

By the end of the course you will have a greater understanding of yourself, and this can lead to increased confidence, focus and clarity in life.


We are all on a journey – a quest, made up of our inner and outer worlds. Writing helps us bridge the inner and outer, helping us become more conscious and aware of our life path.

In this 12-week course we will create a written map, through exploring both inner our outer aspects of life. Each week builds upon the previous week, taking you on a journey that explores the cornerstones of journal writing, as well as looking at the power of silence, dreams, and the wisdom within.

By the end of the course you will have explored the many ways in which journaling can help us transform and grow.


“Belinda has been facilitating creative writing workshops with a group of girls involved with Start360 since January 2019.  Belinda met with me beforehand to find out a bit about what we wanted to achieve from the workshops and who would be attending.  She then tailored the workshops to best meet the girl’s needs, with a mix of individual, group-work and take-home exercises.   

Many of the girls were nervous starting a creative writing workshop and didn’t know what to expect as they had never attended something like this before.  Belinda supported the girls from day one, letting them go at their own pace, building on their strengths and gently challenging when necessary.  They have felt able to express themselves in an environment that is non-judgemental and empowering.   They have composed amazing stories and poems along with having fun.

To see how the girls have progressed since day one has been amazing, they have been able to let themselves go creatively because they feel no judgement only encouragement.”

Clare Connolly

Start360 Service Manager


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