Interested in personal development and empowerment through writing?

Are you interested in writing for self discovery?

Reaching a junction in you life and seeking clarity?

Discover the Art of Reflective Writing

 Reflective writing is a nurturing and enlightening practice that deepens understanding of self, increases creativity, reduces stress, and improves over-all well-being.

In many ways this course is somewhat of a spiritual journey, reflecting on topics such as trust, self-love, acceptance, and forgiveness, as well as moving at the pace of guidance and learning to trust our journey. Through exploring these topics, you will deepen your connection to your heart, and open more fully to the present moment and all it offers.

Core teachings include:

  • The four writing techniques that make up the cornerstones of reflective writing and journaling
  • An in-depth exploration of the art of questioning
  • An exploration of four key life practises, those being self-love, trust, acceptance and forgiveness
  • Developing the art of moving at the pace of guidance


Course includes:

  • Daily teachings and exercises
  • A thorough understanding of the four cornerstone techniques that make up reflective writing
  • Guided In-depth Journal Method exercises
  • Guided meditations and visualisations
  • Mindfulness teachings
  • A facebook support group

£65  £30

All the above is explored through specific writing exercises, mindfulness techniques and guided visualisations – and what’s more – it only takes 15 minutes a day!

We can all find 15 minutes, right?

By the end of the course you will have a greater understanding of yourself and your life purpose, which leads to increased confidence, focus and clarity.


No prior writing experience is required; however, it is suggested that you complete the 4-week ‘More Than A Journal – an introduction to the art of journaling’ course first.

Belinda has a brilliant way of getting you into the right frame of mind for writing. Her relaxation and visualisation exercises allow you to access your thoughts quickly and easily.


I learned so much about my feelings and conflicts and learned ways of tackling some of these issues. Eye opening!
I would thoroughly recommend this course

Lorna Kennedy

A course that will help you immensely and give you tips and help to get you back into writing and to help push past those writer blocks. Thanks so much!